"west coast pressure" on www.dnbtv.com...tonight


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oi! what it is? starting tonight from 6-8pm PST on www.dnbtv.com, West Coast Pressure launches out of the Den with your host, rebel lion from peer pressure recordings. tonight's guest dj's are: Soulidify and Grabel from PPR.

in the house tonight will also be: phrenik(dnbtv.com), shawnliu dregen releasah jyro (PPR). if you wanna chat with us the AIM SN is: westcoastpressure.

not only will we be spinning absolutely live, but every 1st and 3rd Wed of every month we will showcase some of the best dubs that not only PPR has to offer, but also from other SoCali producers that need to be heard as much as possible and help push this sound to the masses. People will be brought in and we'll have quick interviews, and updates as to what's goin on in the SoCali d+b scene. :rslayer: :rslayer: :rslayer:

if in case Bassrush doesn't get the live stream from Funktion tonight, we will be able to go an extra hour and have a b2b merry-go-round.

remember, tonight at Funktion it's Calculon (Process/Liquid) reppin SD, Nu:Tone, and Logistics!! if you haven't heard Calculon as of late i think it wise to check him out...he's en fuego~!:flame: