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Oct 10, 2007
London, United Kingdom, United Kingdom
My name is Nick im 26 and Football (Arsenal) and Music are the only real things i care about! DnB pretty much rules my life and my bank account LOL, i still listen to a little Garage which i used to love back in the day. But at the moment Dubstep is the only other music i really listen too!

Andy C & Ez are the guys i aspire to one day be ,these guys are pioneers of there industry and there style of mixing is second to none, but Mampi Swift was the first guy that caught my eye

The style of DnB i like varies i like pretty much everything, but the funky techy stuff ie Spor is the style that gets me moving more than anything else!! At the moment im really feeling Icicle, Proxima & Nymho but im really not feeling 95% of Jump up!!

Check out my links for mixes and more info


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