Well....Hello there...

you can call me tribble,or tantrum or nick
i produce and dj more on the darkside of drum n bass ,have been dj'ing for 7 yrs and producing for about 6.
started making tunes on a playstation1 with the music generator game thingy-from that to fruity loops 4-then to cubase sx3--then back to the fruity at version 8(its faster for making dnb!!!)
there is -2 unreleased full length LPs and a bunch of singles and song bits-(everything is unrelesed as of yet) "troublesome"-a remix of one of my songs done by dj Friske was released on Renegade hardware under the horsemen banner-opening track on the apocalypse lp
internet radio play(thx djs quake and surrept!) and live full sets of all original tunes played at the various dark and dingy dungeons around town-"town" being -toledo ohio--about an hour south of detroit:)wtf: is that smell?)
formed a local dnb monthly "STATIC" (2002-2004) which was the start of the mob(http://www.myspace.com/dirtykru) we have today
anyway im just on here to get more people hearin my shit
so if you want to hear my shit go here http://www.isound.com/tantrum -i have short clips up
if you would like to hear more -message me----:wave: