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Hello everyone!
Please, help me to recognize song name on this piece. Technical Itchs played this tune on Pirate Station couple of weeks ago. This is the only track I still can't find anywhere =(


Therapy Session's Bound
ID it if poss
I remember hearing a few different remixes of this song here is a link to one from a older breakbeat science cd
just lookin for a tune, i havent got a clip but it has the avengers theme tune (kindv WEEEEE WAAAAA WEEEEE WAAAAA) at the start and thru the tune, and the vocal = 'youve got me burnin, youve got me burnin up' thanx a bundle :eek:)


Hope this helps!

Does anyone know the track on Andy C's Beats 1 Episode 1 show at 1hr 23mins???

It's a vocal track with a wicked bass line but no one knows it's name!!! Not even on the official track listing!!!