House Weirdo002 - Juan Kidd - Road Trip

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    Release date - 06/08/2012

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    This is the second track from Juan Kidd's new label Weirdo. After the first release 'Smash The Disco' did exactly what it said on the tin, it set the bar high but we expect nothing less from Juan Kidd and his second offering 'Road Trip' literally pole vaults over in an Olympic Style! This high energy monster has every key ingredient to not only 'Smash The Disco' but to chew it up and leave destruction in its wake.

    Agent Greg, Andi Durrant (Capital FM), David Dunne (Triple Dee), DJ EZ, DJ
    Roog, Erick E, Funkagenda, Jay Kay, Luis Pitti , Markus Schulz, Peter Brown
    (Pacha Recordings/Amnesia), Rafy Nieves (Billboard DJ Reporter/chart
    compiler), Serotonin Thieves, D.O.N.S.

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