weird vinyl cd's


big n bashy
Jan 13, 2003
United Kingdom
Anyone seen these blank cd'rs :)

"They're the perfect format for your demo and mix CDs and look exactly like real vinyl. They give out high quality sound, they're extremely durable and are maximum 48 speed. Exactly what the DJ doctor ordered, get yours now and catch the eyes of promotors everywhere!"
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Apr 7, 2003
Hull UK
:banana:I bought a hundred of these about a fortnight ago, they're really good quality, and everyone I've given them to have been like "Whoa, there real good!". Makes a change to a blank cd.


Jul 16, 2003
Re: Re: weird vinyl cd's

Wikkidbass13 said:
I definitly think that giving these out, at least here in the US, for a demo, to promoters, would catch eyes and gurantee a vote of originality at least by their standards.
how much did they pay you to say that?

just kidding buddy


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Mar 4, 2002
I saw these for sale at TARGET last weekend. I've been having LOTS of trouble with my CDRs and the burner. The indian lady on the Dell help line who could hardly speak english told me the problem I've been having could be because I'm using low quality CDR disks.

So far I've used FUGI which were aweful (These CDs would read on my disk players as "nO Disk") , Maxell (Which made digital scraping sounds at the end of the disk), and now I'm using Memorex which I bought at Target last weekend. These Memorex are working out just fine right now.

I could have gotten the record CDs but with the luck I've been having so far its best not to chance them (for me... maybe you do). Besides you only get 10 in that pack. I just bought 30 Memorex for about 15.00 although I had to buy the Memorex jewel cases seperate which was a bit lame..... but they work (so far, knock on wood).


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Mar 18, 2003
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Re: Re: weird vinyl cd's

its a hell of a lot cheaper to buy them on a spindel always..
and I think u are being ripped off, ehhe
cos i got 25 for 15 bucks australian..
i never buy the jewel cases, cos i always seem to find one lying around that nobody seems to be using
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