Weird thing in Nightlife 4


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In nightlife 4, for those of you who have the CD... in track 19 which is "Imax >> Sokitume" there is a sound coming in at 0:47

The sound is very similar (sort of pitched up or maybe a sound for a different unit) to this one
at 9:40 the sound for when a Milita unit is created.

Anyone knows what this sound is doing there?

It is not a part of Culture Shock - Imax

and neither Calibre - Sokitume (can't find the song on youtube) It's also not from Lunar Bass VIP & Streetlife which are before and same for the track after...)

Am I missing something? I really want to know what this is, noticed this the first time I listened to the mix but never could figure out where this was coming from. Maybe it's an old version of Imax (my best guess) or did Andy C play Age Of Empires 2 while recording the nightlife 4 mix? haha...
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