weird question but anyone intersted in buying any sunglasses ???

if they ain't polarized, they ain't worth a penny. lol
sorry to be a blunt asshole, but you gotta protect your eyes proper man.

i used to be about cheap glasses but now im a total optic-snob.

you should try looking in to selling some stuff by peppers if you want a decent quality lens at a fair price. i have two pairs (polarized amber lens) that cost me about $35 each retail, so if you can get a wholesale hook up you could probly do well with selling them.

i also have a pair of VZ kickstands that where $120 retail. my gf used to work at a sunglass shop and told me the retail mark up is about 100%, so shades like the VZ's would run you $60 on average. that also gives room to lower prices and still make some loot. you could probly get in to a middle-man type deal where you sell them online but dont acutaly have to own product, you just forward orders to the distro.

again sorry for killin your thread but when you actually the difference $20-$40 can make when peering through a its like hi-def, no glare...its amazing.