Weird Dancefloor Track (ReWerx - StayStill)


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Well, it's quite hard to crit this kinda thing, but as I've posted my share of odd tracks on here I'll give it a go...
The structure is good, even though it's quite long, nice contrasting sections, but I feel like as it's supposed to be a dance track, give people time to dance and spend slightly less time building up to fairly short drop sections.
The snare is fine but it doesn't cut through the mix very well, maybe it's not an important element so it doesn't matter though.
You've got those massive sort of riser sounds in there which are very dominating and drowning out a lot of other elements too: you can sacrifice some of their volume to let other parts cut through more.
Lead is nice, especially soloed near the end. The lead should be a bigger part of the track, if that makes sense.
Drum rhythms are unconventional, snare on beat 1.5 and kick on 2. There's nothing technically wrong with that, but I find the standard house, dnb, two-step drum patterns have a simple elegance that's hard to get in other drumbeats, so I usually base my drum patterns around one of those with some extra hits sprinkled on for variation.
Just my ideas... let me know if you agree or not.