Weekly dnb night in portsmouth starting on 20TH FEB !!


Nov 1, 2002

Portsmouth Drum and Bass Weekly
Every Thursday, 6pm-11pm
@ ITS ALL GOOD, 41, Elm Grove, Portsmouth, Hampshire, PO5 1JF

DJs on rotation:
Steppa (JR / One Nation), R-Type (JR / Best of British), Stealthy (JR), M Prire (JR), Jyve (JR), Funx (JR), Wylie D (JR), Raiden (Renegade Hardware), RJM (Vurt), SDM (BreakNeck / dnbform.com), Ringle (Vurt), M.Code (Vurt) ,J.Tec (Vurt), Sparkee (Londonliveanddirect), Triple M (Vurt), Ragga, Liquid, Sick D + guests

MCs on rotation:
Flyte (JR), Shortston (Nu Breed Kru / JR), Kraft (JR / Flight FM), Diablo (JR / FLight FM), J Swif (JR / Highly Blessed), Master X (Vurt / Collectives), Remino (JR / Flight FM), Freestyle (Vurt), Cyclops, Side Kick (Collectives), Quash + guests

Jungleravers.com are bringing you the finest drum and bass every week at Its all Good in Elm Grove, Portsmouth. With different DJs and MCs every week with residents from jungleravers.com and portsmouth finest events Vurt and Break Neck. With support from dnbforum.com and resident, jungleravers.com hope you can come and enjoy your self every week, and get to know new people with the same interest....drum and bass......ONE

Jungleravers.com have been established nearly two years. With a drum and bass agency including DJs: Stealthy, M Prire, Jyve, Funx, Wylie D, Steppa, R-Type, Playa and MCs: Flyte, Kraft, Diablo, J Swif, Eksman and Shortston. Jungleraves.com have done events all over the UK and Germany bringing a new vibe and flavour to each rave. For more information visit www.jungleravers.com/aboutus.htm

MIX TAPES WELCOME. We also belive in letting everyone have a chance to play out, so if you want us to hear you out come in one Thursday and drop in a mix tape.


each week - 2 jr.com crew. 2 residents. 1 guest - djs

whos coming?
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is this lawrence ....u dont have to answer that.
alright geeza its lokki (tall with lip pierced, used to do a night at the priory)
hold tight jungle ravers cru

u need any more dj's on your nights...

im looking for some slots here n there. come n see me rip tings up (or fuck tings up) at the genesis dj competition if you need a tape or summin let me know.
i will post that info on my site when i get it back. they lost my cheque for my first payment and suspended my web site... cheeky!
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