Week roundup for SBM - Spectrums of DnB and Dubstep

Discussion in 'Drum & Bass' started by Apathetic, Sep 17, 2010.

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    It was refreshing to hear a new Drum and Bass sound on SBM last week, when Impact shared the smooth jazzy vibes of ‘Thinking of you’. Not only was the production of this artist’s first feature so natural in execution but the deep bass has had me listening over and over.

    As the week unfolded another DnB first feature for Hansollo rumbled onto the homepage player. The eastern flavours and kick heavy beat line of Geisha help formulate a tasty DnB roller. Whilst on the subject of rollers, Marloks ‘Payback Time’ rolled in with a grimy bassline and quick beats to lose your energy to. Payback Time would be dangerous on the dancefloor.

    So we’ve established the week had lashings of Drum and Bass but what from the Dubstep camp. P-Note brought SBM some guttural bassline which shook through some clean simple beats on ‘No Handz’. The second feature for Fidelity, ‘Banana’ brought its solid sub-bass line and enveloping soundscape to our ears.

    On a final note, the Blu Mar Ten, ‘Believe Me’ remix competition has begun in earnest. There is ample opportunity to give the deep haunting sounds of this Drum and Bass number a complete revisit. The members of SBM have the skills to put some real good stuff out. I wait with open ears.