"WEEDBASS" by FKY - new release!!!!

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    Hi there!!!! :rslayer:

    I've found another great release!!! :D
    It's the guy's second album and it's called....

    Album cd + CD live + DVD, released earlier this month (April 2006).

    FKY comes back with a package including his new album “Weedbass” on CD1, the “RODO LIVE”, set recorded at a technival back in 2003, and a DVD presenting 2 audio live videos, with visuals by Filtres Actifs, and two audio live.

    For a dozen years, FrancK Armando aka FKY showed his live set around through teknivals and free parties, and that’s what he offers to make us discover with theses 5 live sets that are delivered with “Weedbass”, an EP where acide mute to hardtek, through dub and pass in transit by drum’n’bass.

    Relentless activist of rythms wich turn you uspide down, FKY is actually from a faraway planet called “W33DBASS”.
    For the elaboration of his new album, FKY decided to put himself in an hypnotic state and go back to the strumps of his origins that he thought were definitely buried in the oversight. “W33DBASS” is the reflect of long sessions of introspections that lead us to his roots.

    That album throws definite confusion about the true personnality of this fickle and multiple-faced artist, that we were expecting on fast Hardtek. But no worries: the 5 live sets included on the DVD and the second CD are going to feed our appetite about it.

    “W33DBASS” is delivered with a DVD directed by Filtres Actifs, who offers a psychedelic version of a universe strong in sensations, on “Live in raccon city 3” and “Karyotip 2”, and two lives audio, the whole thing carrying 2 hours of live performance. The second CD is taken from a live performance at a teknival, back in 2000, and closes this new chapter.

    ww.ozore.org to dld tracks! :bounce: