Label Website Launch & First Releases +Free Promo: BELL RINGER REC


Bell Ringer records -Digital-, is a label representing those deep & heavy basslines that Drum n Bass/Jungle & Dubstep hold. The name 'Bell Ringer' musically speaking, stands for that feeling you may get when a HEAVY/DEEP bassline hits the dancefloor and gets the crowd hyped. Knowing that, in today's world, drum n bass and dubstep continue to evolve and grow... 'We' will as well!
So youll be hearing a bit of every style these genre's represent. We here at Bell Ringer Records dont limit ourselves to a certain sound or what have you... its all about supporting & growing with, NOT against, the scene as a whole; and furthermore, brockin out to those sounds WE all love so much.
Keep your eyes locked and ears open...


Announcing the launch of a NEW website, along with 2 NEW RELEASES...
off the Bell Ringer Records label... 'Let IT Ring'!

Full Website:

Our First release:
[BRRD001] FORTY-FIVE by SHARPS **Officially released**
Available for Download/Purchase @

You may have heard the track out recently if your on the west coast and/or over some internet radio shows,, Sunday Relapse + more... the track has been getting some great exposure and recognition, being played out for the first time @ Jungle Theory in Azusa, Ca. last month @ the Bell Ringer Records mini launch.

Artist Bio/Track Description:
SHARPS, DJ/Producer from Los Angeles, comes out with a nice n steady first track for his debut on the Bell Ringer Label. How often do you hear a track lately that takes you on a journey...? Well SHARPS does it with this one, as the bassline continueously builds and builds and changes its structure, its supported well with a solid drum beat and melody that keeps you going and takes you on a little excursion. Bell Ringer Records is glad to have him on deck. The future is looking bright for this DJ/Producer from L.A.! LET IT RING...

Our Second Release:

[BRRD002] The Way You Move by BLANG **Officially Released**
Available for Download/Purchase @

This tune has also been getting some exposure in the recent month being played out by BLANG @ various clubs/parties around southern California, like: Upgrade, Knightvision, Church, Jungle Theory and also on some online radio shows, like:,

Artist/ Track Description:
Kicking off that liquid vibe, BLANG, comes out with a nice smoothed out, head bobbin tune... thats sure to make those hips shake. Nice melodic synthed out sounds with an old school 50's vox that tantilzes between breaks... added with a solid drum beat and nice deep basslines, gives this track a unique feel and once again shows BLANG's diversity and appreciation for all styles when creating music.

Bell Ringer Records FREE PROMO Download:

[BRP001] Paranormal by BLANG (Original- Promo mp3) Available for Free Download @

Track Description:
With this track BLANG breaks out onto the heavy/roller side of things. The track starts off with a creepy synth pad sound and as the track onfolds, it transitions into a nice n steady roller track with a infectious headbobbin melody. The track also transitions nicely into a jungle style breakdown, and slaps right back into a nice roller bassline... 'Let IT Ring!'



-New Releases @ the end of every month!

-Currently WE are open for track submissions on label representation... Only requirement is you must be a stateside producer/artist, as we are Stateside based and are representing stateside artist/producers. Not to discriminate, but WE believe there is much talent here in the US that needs representation for artists/ producers to get their music out there and heard...
Goto: (Dropbox)
**Make sure to send a meassge with your submission. Please also note that they are checked twice a month so please be patient with us.

-By the End of June 2010: Bell Ringer Records Store will be open for purchasing various merchandise, like: tshirts, stickers, cds... etc.

-Check out the NEW Website with more info/events/releases/promos/media + more!


Thanks for tuning in...
Massive Respect!!