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    So I've been listening to DnB for roughly 16 years (Goldie, Big Bud, DB, Bailey, Dara, etc...) and have been in the loop here in Florida with fresh talents such as Methodus (my roommate, catch his show, Revival Radio, Sundays 2pm-4pm on, Will Miles, Stereotype, and the Substitutes... and I decided a few months ago to open an online store for everything I love in the digital world.

    A section of this website,, was created for talent that want to get their tracks out to the world without the hassle of a label. I started posting this past week in several DnB forums to see what interest is out there.

    Check out the website and let me know what you think. And if you hear any tracks you love... feel free to pick them up. Not bad at $2.50 a piece. Also, check out some productions from one of our favorite new talents... from Austria... Smaddie (Thomas Matiz)

    So send me some input and check out!

    Eddie Rodriguez