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Whats up DnBForum?!

Im here in search of more feedback on tracks. and to connect with my peers - Fellow DNB HEADZ!
Ive been doing this too long and have put out too little... As you all may know, it can be extremely difficult to get honest opinions/ constructive criticism from close friends. So, I'm hoping that the internet is lees forgiving, lol.

I know I'm not the best of the best. and i know i don't know everything. but i put everything i got into my songs. Im always interested in learning new styles of all aspects of track production. from composition and arrangement, to mixing and mastering.

Heres a lil background of myself so you all know were I'm coming from;
I got my start playing Trance records in 1998, by year 2000, i was neck deep in DnB, bass music took over my life, and i started playing around with programs like reason. through 2000-2004 i did a lot of work with a local crew of Hip-hop producers working on tracks, and mixing audio. during this time i also started playing shows down in Eugene OR, and started working on building PA's for EDM events. Around 2008-9 i got a job working with a proprietary speaker company doing contract work for live band events, which lead to a full time job as FOH engineer for a local bar ( also allowed my to act as on call/ house DJ for the venue). since then, i have relocated up to the Seattle WA area, were i currently work as an AV tech doing corporate audio gigs. All this time i have keep up with playing music as a DJ, along with track production, and i feel my work in the live field give me a unique insight to mixing tracks at home. currently i roll with Logic X, and i just picked up a NI Maschine Mikro Mk2, can't wait to really get this bad boy rocking. Thinking about diving into Ableton for production and leaving Logic for mixing/mastering.

Ok, that a good enough intro, if you got any questions feel free to message me.

Here is the link to my SC account. some of these tracks are really old, some of them are mixes.


Glad i found a community of DnB heads.

Big ups drum and bass MASSIVE!