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Has anyone else seen this yet? Its basically a free online game where you check different coordinates on a map and try to find cash. When you get a bit of cash you can buy upgrades so you can become stronger and can rob other people of their cash. Only thing is you can lose you money from people robbing you too. The best thing is if you can raise more than $25 in the game, wealthwars will send however much money you have through paypal. Its difficult to get to $25 for a while because you need to spend your money on becoming stronger at first but if you stick it out it could be a pretty chilled out way to make a few quid each month. Its worth noting that your never out of pocket too as all the money thats floating around in the game comes from players starting money, referral rewards and money that you've found at locations in the game, so you'll never owe them anything. Well worth a go in my opinion. If any of you do decide to sign up I'd be really grateful if you used the link below as I'll be rewarded for referring people. Good luck to everyone who joins :2thumbs: