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    Jul 23, 2006
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    www.twistedfrequency.co.uk is a brand new online showcasing the finest dnb,hip hop,nu skool breaks and everything in between.

    We have shows planned for tetradin(freak,obscene,hardware) and hopefully a few other big names who we're wanting to confirm.

    Exclusive mixes comming from dj hidden(evolintent,killing sheep) and imaginary forces amongst others.

    People already doing shows include osmosisbeats,rejectbeats,p.d4rk presents the sanctuary,djjh,Wreckage radio hosted by mc kyrptomedic,dj britz and Drowsy'd dark ambience.

    But the real idea behind twistedfrequency is to give a place for people to get there mixes streamed. So if you've done a mix your proud of and wanna share with the world then head over to our forums and add a link to it and we're do the rest.

    More info can be found at www.twistedfrequency.co.uk
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    big up twisted frequency
    <a href= "http://www.twistedfrequency.co.uk"><font size=4 face= tahoma color= ..00AAFF><img src=http://www.geocities.com/ante_social/twistedfrequ.gif></font></a>