Multi Genre WE LICK THAT! hawt summer favs.


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Our label's artist HANUMAN TRIBE summer favs on Beatport and Junodownload.
Bangin breaks, dubstep doozer, nurave madness & tech filth. Thats our cup of rum.
On #1: 'Forever' out now, also on the EP: epic dubstep original by SOLID FRAME, eclectic breaks filth by SKETI,
and heavy hitter 140breakbeat rmx by BEN & LEX, and HANUMAN TRIBE's dubstep/breaks hybrid. Check it out.

Summer Chart on Beatport

We Lick That! on Juno

inside: audio bullets by Backdraft, Benga, Freerange DJ's, Le Castle Vania,
Beatman&Ludmilla, Doctor P, B-Phreak, Sawgood, and more.

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