Label We Are Set EP [Nu:Gen, T-FREE, T3K] FREE 320 MP3

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    Nu:Gen, T-FREE and T3K Recordings join forces to present
    three tracks for free which results in the "We Are Set EP".

    Each label presents a tune from one of their artists:

    Valevo and Duzer represent the Nu:Gen sound with "Tetris",
    T-FREE brings Bowser's remix of the legendary "Sourcream"
    and T3K Recordings contributes the 2010 Kaiza Remake of
    Kaiza & Shots' "Purple View" (original on T-FILE017).

    The EP is released under a Creative Commons by-nc-nd licence
    and the 320 kbps mp3s can be downloaded here:

    All-in-one rar/zip file (including artwork):

    Label links: