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Poor Vida Productions
Jul 19, 2008
Dallas, TX
Hello from POOR VIDA Productions...

The team here at POOR VIDA would like to take a minute to introduce ourselves, and let everyone know what it is that we are doing, in order to spread the word and open up a line of communication between us and everyone out there in our community.

POOR VIDA Productions is a small company with big aspirations. We are based in Dallas, TX, and we have friends, family, and associates working with us on various projects in NYC, LA, San Francisco, and London. We are looking to expand this base worldwide, especially here in the US. We are looking for artists, producers, performers, web and graphic designers (especially those who are involved with underground hip hop, drum and bass, and experimental music) who want to
network and come together to make big things happen for all of us.

On the other hand, as a company, POOR VIDA also provides these services, and more, to anyone needing help, but on a budget.

For reference, here is a quick list of some of our services:

Music / Beat Production

Audio Recording / Mixing / Engineering

Graphic Design / Web Design

Artist Management / Booking Agent

Consignment Sales / Distribution

Our website, www.PoorVida.com, has become the hub of our community. All the latest news and developments are announced there, and we also have a full featured store, forum, and profiles section. We just released our second album, this one from MC Astro, and it is taking off quick. We are taking the show on the road next month, and would love to hear ideas from some of you around the world about how we can bring our ideas and creations to your area.

Take a minute to check out our site, listen to our music, see examples of what we can do, and we hope to be coming to your town soon!

POOR VIDA Productions
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