Wanted We are looking for the up-and-coming artists of right NOW.

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    We are looking for the up-and-coming artists of right NOW.

    Let me tell you a bit about us, so we're not complete strangers. We are a new food van that is launching our first van next month, the problem with existing mobile catering vans is that they have a greasy spoon image of selling unhealthy food that has been produced with low quality ingredients and sold by a company who's brand was made decades ago.

    NUSOU is different: think Wagamama on wheels; providing fresh, energising gourmet noodle soup produced by an award-winning chef and served from a bright, crisp, and clean gourmet food truck.

    The only thing missing from our operation is MUSIC! We don't want to play compilation CDs, the so called 'Pop' radio stations or anything related to Justin Blah blah. We want the people who are passionate about what they do, being heard by real people in the real world.

    We are all about building a community, letting people decide what is played from our van, but we need the music to play. If you are an artist or know of some great music that we should be playing let us know!

    We are on twitter, Facebook and Instagram, feel free to check us out, but most importantly talk to us, we want to know what you think.

    We want to Fuel Your Freestyle!

    - Andrew

    P.S if any moderators feel this shouldn't be here, let me know.