We Are Legend @ The Volks, Brighton


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Apr 16, 2009
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Mad Al + MC Flux
DJ Devious D
...The Liquid Fuzion Family's Special Guest:
DJ Kiwi

10-3 on St. Patricks Day!That’s right, we’re back for those of you that missed out last time, we’re bringing the party back to you lovely people & our family, to the Sacred ground of our beloved Brighton!
‘Yes, We Are Legend are back at the ‘Volks’, back on the south coast, Back in Brighton!’ Back in the House, just for you for one night only, and this time we’re hitting it real hard and how fitting it is too. That’s right it’s The Original DJ Uno’s Birthday, so all you boys and girl’s that have known him for years and his Co-Dee The Original Mr MC Melo-D have absolutely no excuse ‘cause it’s £3 B4 11pm ‘Oh no! and it’s ‘St Patricks Day’ so drink promotions on the night are Guinness, Guinness and Guinness as well as £1.50 Jamesons Irish whisky! We’re gonna Party like it’s 1999…

Get your tickets now, and secure your place!
Stay tuned and watch out for more information this one’s gonna be wicked truss!!! Watch out for the give away CD’s plus much, much, much more…

The We Are Legend, Legendary Family and very special guest too!!

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