Wayside records new releases!!

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    Sep 6, 2007
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    Wayside records new releases!!

    WaySideRecs Presents: SubSide Projects Vol.1 - Hedlok - Hedlok EP

    Hailing from Austin, Tx. Hedlok reps the tribal, trip hop, vibes, as well as
    the club styles of dub. This group consists of Recall, K2, Mk Ultra, And Nick Easy.
    This "Hedlok" EP Release is part one, of a two part concept release.
    Two years in the making. 22 tracks were concieved and finished for these
    releases. Here are clips to the first six Tracks in the story on
    junodownload.com, where the release is available first at. later into jan
    it will be available @ Beatport, DjDownload, TrackItDown. etc.

    Tied To The Grave (Skynet mixdown)
    Zero Below Zero (original mix)
    Null & Void (original mix)
    Kabol (original mix)
    Flex Capacity (original mix)
    Sugar Gliding (original mix)
    The second installment to the story is a full legnth cd release with
    uk label MidNight Rockers later this year, with more tales of ancient evil,
    giants who roamed the earth long ago, and ghost's from the future.

    Please Enjoy the music all feedback is welcome :)
    Thank you for the support.
    To Purchase the release please click on the cover to be taken to the
    Release @ JunoDownload.com.

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    Sep 6, 2007
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    Link to the release on >19.47 on Beatport<

    Wayside is proud to present Recall's Extra Full legnth release titled '19.47'.
    16 songs Which will take its listeners on a galactic voyage through the depths of
    this Universe's sonic frequencies and vibrations.


    Is undoubtedly The pinnacle of Recall's Career as a dnb Producer.
    Three years in the making. This release, stretches through the realms of dance floor dnb,
    Bringing you Deep Tunes with Rich Tones, Mastered to perfection.
    Married with the most intelligent styles of Atmospherics and Soundscapes.
    Much like the Universe and Dimension it was created in, "19.47" Reflects Existence and our
    observations of it form our very special and unique perspective.
    With tones of Beautiful Creation in the Light indulging us in the beginning.
    Progressively leading up to the End of times, sounds of Glitch Tech Chaos in the rim
    of a Black Hole.

    Here Recall Describes a lil about every tune on the release on "19.47" Take a glimpse
    into WSR's Head Mind of Madness.

    Please Click http://www.thebizmo.com/waysiderecs To Get Limited Edition 19.47 LP Sampler Free!


    "Living in the 19.47 Frequency of life, Modulating your environment, being creative living
    life. Not harming, but creating and filling creations with joy, to create a fractal of
    continuous Pleasure and Love is the goal and purpose of my music.
    Investigate your creativity and support the creativity of others, the universe is mostly a
    Void! Don't let your mind be one as well."

    For more info on Recall Please Visit Recall On Myspace.
    And Visit WaySideRecs.com
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