WAYSIDE REC. - New Kriotek/Klef EP & free 320s!!


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Sep 6, 2007
WAYSIDE REC. - New Kriotek/Klef EP & free 320s!!

Klef/Kriotek - Techno Sluts With Nano Technologies Out Now!



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Available in stores NOW! from WSR is "WaySide Chronicles Vol.1 - The Nephlim"



This special 10 song Long Player release is packed to the brim with rare WaySide Gems Showing our true colors and diversity in the scene. Tunes like Recall's - 'Death Approaches' (which was the start of the WaySide Dream), have been remixed by Heavyweights, Chaotic Pulse and Vortech. Bringing to the label a floor funk sound. Vortech's much sought after vip remix of Synesthesia's - 'Angelz Eyez' stands alone as a swirling number of straight neurofunk. While tunes like Tank's - 'Longing', his collab with Quaden - 'Galase' and Ek50 and Revenge's - 'Appear' hold true to the labels technoid roots, we are also exploring the psychedelic side of dnb with Revenge's- 'Dream Machine' and Kr4y's much anticipated 'Brainrot'. Holding it down on the shranz side of dnb is Mystification's ultra powerful remix of Recall's - 'Hellopain' a powerful must have for any Technoid Dnb lover. and on the other side of the coin we have the heavily dnb influenced epic Dubstep smasher by Hedlok - 'love like lava'. which is also Hedlok's debut label release. The release as a whole is arranged to provide a sound scape of interest and intrigue, like the stories of the Nephlim. Think of WaySide Recs., as the twilight zone of Drum and Bass, as we constantly aim to bring you new worlds of sound and pleasure the senses with all of our releases. Please visit our website WaySideRecs.com for Free 320 releases, and more info pertaining to the WaySide and its artist's.

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For previews of these tunes.....
Here is an Exclusive WaySide mix By Vortech containing 36 WSR releases. Previewing the ep's forthcoming on WSR From Implant, Mystification,
Kriotek, and Klef. also our current releases. All of which may be found on beatport.com or anywhere quality DnB is sold.


Latest Free Release!


Recall - The 4th Dimension Trilogy

pt.1 Silicon Ghosts

WAYFREELP001 | Recall ft mc DVS - Wayside
WAYFREELP001 | Recall ft mc DVS - Age of Fear
WAYFREELP001 | Recall - Cellulite23
WAYFREELP001 | Recall - Chromizone23
WAYFREELP001 | Recall - Creolesol
WAYFREELP001 | Recall - Nieva

pt.2 Microbian Influence

WAYFREELP001 | Recall - Fingerbang (revisited)
WAYFREELP001 | Recall - OutCrease
WAYFREELP001 | Recall - Opaique
WAYFREELP001 | Recall - Circle of Fire
WAYFREELP001 | Recall - The Drain
WAYFREELP001 | Recall - NightWrap

pt.3 The Eternal Fractal

WAYFREELP001 | Recall - Crematoriam
WAYFREELP001 | Recall - Crisis
WAYFREELP001 | Recall - HelloPain
WAYFREELP001 | Recall - The Threshold
WAYFREELP001 | Antichristus & Kryptoid - Unknown Pi Sequence (Recall Remix)
WAYFREELP001 | Recall & Drunk Like The Whales - Shadow Atonement

This is a FREE 320 3 part E.P. LP collection spanning two years of Recall's tune creation.
During a point in his life where the event horizon was crossed. Metaphysical influence has certainly taken a hold here.
You can feel the Soul of the artist here, as each song takes you to different range of soul and emotion or void there of.
Like many Recall has a rooted connection to the pains and problems of the earth, as well as the spirits and energies which inhabit it.
The tones and influences of such are apparent here.
Facade's of Religion are falling. Spirituality is at the new Dawn. A global conscience awakening is apparent in society now.
This is the theme of this release.
Music has always held generations closer to the truth than most forms of art. Today, the cogs of the Corperate machine
have almost but completely removed the soul from music. Except for electronic music which they cannot control so this is where
it is at and this is what it has come to.

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