Ways to promote ones music and ways you producing member get exposure


Unsigned DnB Producer
Whats up guys,

Its the evening here in California and I'm laying here in bed trying to think of ways to promote my music more efficiently while all my buddies are out getting hammied and generally having a better time than me (haha)

So how do you producing members find ways to get more exposure on your music apart from spamming FB and other social media sites? I have an SC obviously and a decent following cast but not nearly as much exposure as I would like, guess I'm being a princess.

I email blogs my stuff with little to no avail and have started various memberships on music promoting sites as well, but don't really see much improvement.

What would you guys recommend? Even those who dont produce and just listen, what are some good sites to look at for DNB promotion? Sadly California and the US in general just isnt quite ready yet for drum and bass, I'm glad to see that it has started to come over sees but not nearly at the level I need for a strong local fanbase.

Anyways there it is, any help would be much appreciated!

Gnight all