[WAY016]Wayside - Synesthesia - Syngularity LP


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[WAY016]Wayside - Synesthesia - Syngularity LP

Hello Everyone, WSR is back With Synesthesia's return
release, an lp entitled "Syngularity" 9 songs of intelligent
dance floor music, designed to move your feet and your
mind! "Syngularity" Follows "Original Syn" (the first
Synesthesia EP) in spirit but has expanded beyond just
dnb and contains elements of dubstep, trip hop, jazz and
packs 5 more songs than the first release. Allready Being
hailed by its supporters as the "Best Synesthesia Release
to date" this LP 'Long Player' will be a perfect addition to
any dubstep or dnb dj's playlist or crate.

The LP Release will be available Fri Aug. 7th 2009

Audio Clips of Synesthesia - Syngularity LP on http://www.myspace.com/djrecall

WSR on Beatport
WSR on Juno
WSR on Jamvana (All on Jamvana for $0.99 usd)

also a little gift...

Free DNB Mix

Free DUB Mix

Download both from: http://soundcloud.com/syngularity

check out: http://www.myspace.com/waysiderecordings