Wavetable automation

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Right im going to attempt to explain summin very wierd that i found out.
Well i been messin about as u do, an i ripped this sample out of a noisia tune, just a dirty reece an i put it in fruity an just time stretched it to fuck, an then pitched it up an octave wat i heard can only be described as kinda like a modem trying to connect but with a shit load of sub bass, an i basically came to the conclusion it was changing waves from square saw to the higher ones u can find on reasons subtractor, in a sorta 3 step fashion as in 1...2...3....1...2...3 so i figured fuck it might aswell repeat wat i done but backwards???
So i went in reason made a long c3 note an automated the wave table an then stuck it bak in fruity sped it up and pitched it down, it made a pretty sick dirty reece noise but was a bit uncontrolled. I rekon with careful processing it would work.

Firstly have i done this right? An has any1 ever tried anything near to this?????
Second, Ide like it if people tried this method out see if you can come up wiv something disgusting. An post some clips on here, i would be the first to start but im in the process of restorin my hd with my life pretty much on it as soon as i got it ill upload a clip of wat i came up wiv.

P.s you dont need fruity or reason for this you just need a program that can automate wavetable and then do some simple timestretching an pitch alterations?

Safety in numbers! Peace!


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Haven't tried that but stretching something way beyond its limits and reverbing is a nice way to make eerie pad sounds. If you could morph between those sounds it would become more controllable, is there an option for this in reason?

or just make an XY control of mixing them together might work.


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very cool... audio??

i read something a while ago about someone recording a mp3, then converting it to a .txt file then back to mp3..... apparently adds some very weird digital distortion to it..... i tried it and it just corrupted the file :(

i made a dirty bass once by plugging two dj mixers together once.... i cant remember exactly what i did but it was something like... headphone output on mixer 1 to line in on mixer 2 then master on mixer 2 back to mixer 1.... run a sound through it and it goes crazy!!!