Watch out for our catchy summer D&B single!!!

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    Listen to our new release "something new" / "different without you" - if you like it, please recommend & share with your friends!!! : )

    "Something new" / "Different without you"
    Tenchu & Zool feat. Velandinho


    These two tunes were created in the early days of the Gold Bonded studio. Back then Tenchu & Zool worked on a lot of mixdowns and mastering for external projects.
    Oystein Veland was the lead singer of a band project that hired the Gold Bonded studio for post production. VoilĂ , the connection was set up and after some studio sessions the idea for these two tracks was born.

    "Something new" is a catchy summer tune with fresh vocals, a crispy wobble top and a catchy rodes piano.
    "Different without you" is build on minimal vocals with a massive base line and a screaming wobble top.

    After many club plays, mixdowns and mastering sessions these babys are finally big enough for release.

    Digital Release Date 11/06/2010
    available @ Soulseduction / iTunes / Beatport / Junodownload / Dj Tunes / Amazon and many more online Stores...

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