wat does every think bout clipz'z new tunes?


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Download is better than Slippery Slopes, I really can't get into that one at all.

All about Capoiera and Ready For Love remixes!


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mix them in quickly, mix them out quickly.
I find this with alot of jump up anyway, but regarding clipz his
tunes are so weak sometimes as in the beats so thin that you can mix three tunes in and hear all three of them clearly, which actually works quite well. Whereas if you tried that with more layered tracks you would end up with a bit of a mess. Definatley just pure party stuff though, like them or hate they work so there gonna get played.

I actually really love the Ready 4 Love remix aswell, some bass on that one!!
I was definately feeling the slippery slopes, cocoa and his remix of Freestylers - Push Up when they came out, such a fresh sound at the time! But these new tunes arent really doing it for me.

I can see that everytime they get played the masses love them! I try not to buy tunes that every other DJ is going to buy and play (at every rave!), i knew when i heard his first few that these would be big, so fair play for the wide appeal and mass publicity hes getting from them, but not for me!

Dillinja - "A lot of the people who are producing now are influenced only by drum 'n' bass so they're losing contact with the outside world. It's a really narrow-minded sound right now. Years ago the producers were listening to all sorts of styles to make their music -- they were into hip-hop and jazz and hearing new sounds. Now there's a new generation that grew up on drum 'n' bass and that's all they know. It's like it's created its own monster."

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Slippery Slopes is one of the worst drum and bass tunes I've ever heard. It sounds like music aimed at children.
Hey, that's still my favourite ring tone! I can understand why some won't like it but hey, my musical tastes include Blink 182 and Less Than Jake so I'm into a bit of cheese. As far as Clipz goes, it is dancefloor business but it works for me. I rate Rubbish in particular although these days I find it difficult telling the difference between Clipz and TC. It's all about the