Was the TEED - Garden (Calibre Remix) a limited edition vinyl?

I ask because it seems to be sold out everywhere and I really wanted to bag a copy. Have I missed my chance?

yep, you missed out. It's now going for ridiculously high prices on discogs and it's sold out everywhere... it would actually be cheaper to download the WAV and get a vinyl dubplate cut than to buy the actual release...
My copy sounds shit. Is so quiet and theres fuck all mids

^^ this. Always fiddling with the gain to make this sit right in the mix...annoying to say the least.

discogs sellers have gone mad on this release for extortionate prices. ridiculous.
That's just absurd. £75?! So annoying trying to make it mix without loosing momentum when it's so weirdly cut.
I ordered a copy yesterday from some obscure record shop but I doubt it's actually in stock and i'll probably end up getting a refund. A lot of shops don't update their online stock levels properly.

If it actually comes and sounds shit on vinyl i'll probably sell it straight away for what I paid. I'm fed up with being ripped off by shit quality vinyl masters and it happens too often in the dnb scene
Beau is a g tho

Yeah most of the time but even the occasional record mastered by Beau sounds shit. E.g. Break - Return to the Temple EP. Might not be his fault though.

Stu's the Don though, never heard a shit sounding record mastered by him.
This is a really good tune but its deffo not worth any more than standard price. I saw it for sale in banquet records for normal price and didn't even buy it then... I probably would have if I'd known it was limited... but its definitely not anything special and will be forgotten in a few weeks/months... not worth paying loads for IMO, and calibre has better tunes out there anyway
Yes! Stu is the don no doubt. Always wonder why everyone doesnt use him, best mastering engineer on the planet. His cuts always stand out, so good.
I've always just looked at the runout groove on my records where the mastering engineer usually etches his name. Just something I've always paid attention to and been interested in.
poor vinyl press for sure, so weak, have to fuck the gains and eqs, really annoying. deffinatly not worth the price its listed for on discogs but i got it and you dont :b
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