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    Hey guys...this is my very first post on this forum so please dont be so harsh to me :)

    so...im kinda stuck at a jumpup synth ... i just cant get it right :( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nPyShcVJOkE @21sec the synth on the mainpart.

    im producing liquid since almost 2 years with logic & i have some tracks forthcoming on dnbbrazil recordings but i want to explore some more subgenres of dnb atm.

    would be really nice if someone could help me!

    oh btw: sorry for my bad english its not my native language.
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    to get that kind of movement, you want to use a filter envelope on a bandpass filter. the filter envelope should have a slow attack, medium decay and no sustain so the bandpass opens up and falls back down. changing the speed of the attack and decay will determine how quickly the sound's movement occurs. the resonance makes it more dramatic.

    play around with different waveforms for the oscillator to give it different tonal characteristics; for example if you want it to sound more aggressive then you might want to try saw waves instead of the square waves i used below and detune them like you would a reese. then use chain fx for additional distortion/etc to make it more aggressive sounding, if that's what you're going for. this isn't going to be dead-on but this should be give you a good start at least. i made a quick patch in massive and uploaded a snapshot, hope this helps:

    also, not shown in the pic below:
    *filter 4's sustain is set to max (to make the amplitude's sustain set to max)
    *fx1=dimension expander (dry/wet set to 2 o'clock, size set to 10 o'clock)
    *fx2=reverb (dry/wet set to 10 o'clock, size set to 10 o'clock, density and color set to 12 o'clock)
    and additional unison voices if you want

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    Your gonna wanna use the performer lfo on massive if you wanna get proper womps.