Warm Communications News Feb 08


the future! the future!

Over the last six years, Warm Communications has been a label that is seemingly unafraid to push a deeper sound, from a host of producers who receive critical acclaim by being true to themselves, and who all seem to share not only a kinship based on their sounds, but hark back to an era of Drum & Bass where the possibilities are endless. Warm has seen releases from the likes of Seba, Paradox, Fanu, ASC, Controlled Substance, Angelzero, Psidream & Resound, Equinox and others, and have their 2008 starting off right!

Warm #14 features Germany's Martsman on two interesting slices of DnB pie. The A-Side features his take on Angelzero's ''Recess'' (WARM011), keeping the original's vibe while still putting his own stamp on it, with some captivating edits both on the beats and with keen vocal snippets. The flip, ''Bluetone'', is another thing of beauty, bringing in some nasty bleeps and blips into a droning monster of a track. Promos of this should be hitting the shops soon (check out the DOA review of this single here).

This will be followed up by WARM015, which features two cuts from a producer who has been getting tunes snapped up quickly from labels like Commercial Suicide, Horizons Music, Outsider, InnerActive and others - Insight. ''Strongbow'' and ''Tension & Release'' will not only further establish Insight as a guiding light within the scene, but his production quality and style fit in perfectly with the stable of tunes that has already been released.

As if those two releases weren't great enough, the Warm HQ has some exciting news about the first artist album from Warm Communications. Having established himself on labels like Certificate 18, Subtitles, Breakbeat Science, Thermal and others, this artist has actually taken a break from producing, only to have recently dived head-first into back into the scene, and has created a slew of tunes that have already got the 'Net buzzing, just off name recognition along. That's right, Polar's new album will be dropping on Warm Communications! While the full tracklisting and further details are under wraps right now, immediate word is that this project will birth a 3-track sampler (WARMLP001S), while the album will come out on both vinyl and CD. Audio and more info should be coming soon. Keep it locked.

For further info on Warm Communications, including audio and other news, check out their MySpace page. Warm is distributed worldwide by S.T. Holdings.