Warm Communications 006 - Psidream & Resound


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time goes by
the fog

Cat #: Warm006
Release Date: Beginning of March...On Test Press now!
Distribution: Groove Distribution
Will also be available for you online buyers @ bbs, redeye, chemical, juno, etc...

Psidream & Resound, two of today’s finest and most diverse artists, combine brilliance to bless Warm Communications next release. With prolific discography to date, these two prove unquestionably, their efforts are on a conscious path of next level beats.

‘Time goes by’ is a sultry trip down memory lane, where buried thoughts and forgotten days are easily revisited when this track takes off. A mystical voice accompanies lush strings on a celestial adventure into blissful harmony. Rich basslines formulate a polished texture in an outstanding arrangement. A true feeling of inner emotion is evident with the compelling progression of this epic piece.

‘The Fog’ is a haunting venture into a distorted sense of audio reality, peaking curiosity. The initial abduction is unsettling and a distinct feel of suspense is ever-present. Swift rolling congo’s move you along anxiously in time. On journey, in descent, it leads the lost soul deep into a gateway, where mystery and lunacy reign. Through shudders of bass and sinister synthlines, the unknown surrounds in a hostile attempt to smother. The light is seen, the voice is heard, "listen" .

In celebration of this release > starting today through the end of march all warm communications t-shirts will be 20% off! so anyone in the US will be $16 and everywhere else $19. just paypal your total to ehl@warmcommunications.com

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Big shout out to everyone who has supported over the years!
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