War vet coming back from the jungle


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Hello everyone, I've been listening to jungle/dnb since 1993, back when the majority of music on the pirate wavelength was still old skool hardcore and "jungle techno" as some called it. I have lived my life loving this music but after 2001 I stopped participating as such. I used to emcee for hours over dnb and hang around with lots of likeminded people. I felt part of the scene. Since then I have been distanced, not knowing the old faces I knew for various reasons and not being able to go out raving for some specific reasons. Now it's 2012 and I don't know where the time's gone. I sit here listening to some liquid stuff some days and just reflect on the best times I had, and jungle/dnb was the integral soundtrack.

Despite always listening I haven't been "in touch" for time and as such, I'm probably lightyears behind on what some heads would consider the normal understanding or terms. But tonight as I was sitting here mellow listening to Calibre's remix of Joe Goddard's "Gabriel" the idea struck me to find a forum for dnb heads and this seems like a fine place.

That's it really.


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easy m8.
i was right into hardcore/jungle (from 91+) - got all them "jungle teckno" albums when they came out lol
Check out the oldskool section for some blasts from the past :D
i like modern dnb but dont know the choons as well as the oldskool ones - still its all good.
anyways nice to meet ya - sure you will have a good time here.