War is rubbish? / War is wicked?

Are you for America going to war with Iraq?

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Mar 4, 2002
I was watching this great show on C-Span last night. It was a rebroadcast of the Anti-war / Pro-war rally that went on at the Vietnam memorial in Washington DC during the day this past Saturday. It was a very interesting show. I especially found it amusing when the Anti-War massive interupted the Pro-War rally. Another fine aspect is that my ex ecnomics proffessors was one of the main speakers on the Anti-war side not forgetting to mention Micheal Letwin who I saw in person on the Rutgers campus two semesters ago. Its nice to see that people I personally have met and know are into this stuff.

I myself am against the war. We Americans have enough problems to worry about with out getting into other peoples buisness. The Pro-war side failed to convince me of their ideas. One of the major problems with their side was the extremely violent irrate speakers they had on the podium screaming for the blood of Sadam Hussane, they sounded just as bad as Sadam himself.

What do you guys and gals think? I'd hate to think that you people only think about Drum and Bass 24 hours a day. Surly you must have an opinion on the important matters going on in this world today.

If your against the war and an American citizen check out this site: www.votenowar.org


Aug 12, 2002
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i agree saddam's a huge threat.. people are trying to play it up like Bush is just trying to finish his daddy's business.. not so.

i dont think war is the answer either, but we're waiting far too long. we have to do something NOW.
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