War against terrorism


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I heard on the news that the terrorists (whoever they maybe) are planning to either take out the Statue of Liberty or the Empire State Building.


The Americans say they have stepped up security, but I'd have thought the people who are planning it would already be in the US.

Who knows? :(


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Yer just saw a report on the news about how the US are increasing their defence budget :shake: , I reckon this latest buisness is just a scare though....still i think its shit, all this :gun: :gun: :gun: is pointless, just sit um all round a table pass the bong round and tingz would b kosha :evil:


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Well, to put it into perspective... The CIA is the largest and most diverse intelligence service in the world and they didn't manage to stop 9/11 happening. So why should we expect them or anyone else for that matter to prevent it happening again?

Airport security has been stepped up in America, but in Britain and most of Europe the security has always been very tight.

al Qaeda was created in 1989 and already operates out of 40-50 countries. It isn't just a group of mad arabs with kalashnikovs living in afghanistan. To put it bluntly the scale of their organisation is probably at least a match for any of the worlds intelligence agencies. If any of you watch 'Alias' you could compare it to K-Directorate in some ways. Bringing it down will be near on impossible.

Anyway, enough rambling. We should be worried about it; but then again we should also be worried about getting run over by idiotic pompey taxi drivers; or dying of lung cancer (for all you smokers out there :P).

In other words, i think that another major terrorist attack will take place in the west in the near future; but as i have no way of predicting where; or when it will happen there aint no point worrying about it.

Let's just hope our government, and others around the world are doing everything in their power to make sure 9/11 doesn't happen again. Or at least limit the damage.