Wanted - singers,mcs, & guitarist


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Singers Wanted.MCs Wanted..Guitarist Wanted...
DUST21, undoubtedly Londons next big Live Drum n Bass band to break through, are looking to always expand our family.

DUST21 are currently looking for DnB Singers, Guitarists, Drummers, MCs, Producers etc that wish to collaborate on new production and live performances.

We have our own recording studio situated at the UKFlow premises in North London, our own radio show on www.UKFlow.tv every Tuesday, full media support from UKFlow and their management company.
We are just writing new material for our forthcoming album and plan to start gigging again when UKFlows new DnB section is fully loaded and able to offer us the support we will need to launch ourselves into the international Drum n Bass community.

Our last gig back in February was a sell out event, arms in the air all night, in Slovenias capital Lublijana. We did a one hour band set, then our DJ SPY and MC CD mashed up the place for another 3 and half hours. DJ SPY has recently been signed to Hospital records, and you will see how highly he is regarded by Tony Colman of Hospital Records and the worlds biggest DnB band London Electricity, in our new DnB section.

He was in fact number 1 in Tonys chart of new releases for August 2006 and he describes SPY as genius. We are especially looking for Soulful DnB singers, a female MC singer, and a guitarist. We are just finishing off our album before we start a massive international online promotional project.

Our time is coming soon, if you feel you have something positive to contribute please contact john@dust21.com