Want your feedback please thanks!!


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Jan 31, 2016
hello lecoeur, not bad for starters, i like the energy in your track. hectic stomping rhythm & beats, good. imo, the vocals in the breaks don't match the track overall i think. the moaning is funny but kind of cheesy, maybe you can find other samples? i would also suggest to go for more variations in the main rhythm and sound sets, seems to be the same from start to end of the track. still, nice uplifting tune, looking forward to more from you. just connected to you on SC (y)

PS: please post your upcoming tracks in the forum made for reviews: https://dnbforum.com/forums/new-talent-and-track-reviews.21/


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Apr 16, 2016
Hi Maschinnistom

thanks a lot for your reply!!! :)

yes you're right voices are tacky but I do not have a lot of samples yet .

I have that fruity loop and massive and some samples : / I need to recover more .

and yes it is very repetitive I have found variations .

but I'm glad you find it energetics : D

thank you for adding on soundcould I will improve it .

thousand thank you again !! for taking the time to answer me
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