want 75$ Real money to play on a Poker Site? No Catch

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    want 75$ Real money to play on a Poker Site? No Catch

    I have information on how to get $75 free at this specific poker site with no deposit required and no credit card needed.


    *21 years of age
    *never had a real money account at the Specific poker site.
    * lives in the usa, (or if you don't and know someone that lives in the usa we can maybe find a way.)

    I was skeptical at first as well, but there's no scam,no catch, no credit card use, and legit! I already did this but blew my loot, which sucks but it didn't cost me anything.

    In return for the 75$ I'm asking in return a favor from you in order to recieve the 75$. I'm trying to get a free laptop and in order for me to get it, I have to refer a certain number of people to try one of the offers they give. You basically just sign up for one of the offers they offer. The best offer to pick is the 7 day free trail ones.Then, You just sign up and cancel (call the number) before the 7 days are over.... that's it! You can do the same offer I'm doing as well if you wanted to get a free ipod,computer,etc.

    The most it will cost is a $1 for the offer for the 7 day trail you pick, if you don't see a free one to select from. (there's at least one free one)

    I will email you with the info to complete the referal offer for me, and as soon as I seen that you have completed the offer for me; I will send the instructions to get your 75$ for free. there will also be a FAQ, and if you have any other questions let me know.

    Turn that money into the 4,5 digits!!

    Just PM me and I'll give you all the info if your interested.