Wannabe neuro bass 1. try, need some tips

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    May 12, 2011
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    So after going through alot of tutorials I decided to try doing some neuro which I liked but it always seemd 2 complicated to make

    This is a 4 bar bassline which I made without any reprocessing, just lost of massive fiddling and effects (and spliting freqs on low / mid / high). (with compressor, limiter and ozone on master)
    I 1. wanted to get some feedback on this before bouncing, slicing, more effects on it, etc.

    Now it sounds (at least to me, as a 1. attempt at something like this) rather good but I have a few worries.
    1) it sounds kinda muddy and I'm worried it will sound even more muddy after putting a few new instances of effects on this thus making it kinda unusable (any tips of the ''muddy'' part in general would be nice aswell)

    2) how do I (and this 1 is a bit stupid) actualy make the ''low'' channel mono ?

    3) Is removing the Mid part of it an option (or turning it down a bit) or will it lose itself later on like that

    and in the end if u find anything else that's wrong with the track which I overlooked (since again, this is my 1. attempt at something like this) plz share it :)

    Thx in advance :D