Wanna become a decent producer but.....

Hmm I'm down to analyze my time, I seem to find plenty of time but I could probably find some more lol.

Warning: This is a wall of text, got carried away and wrote a book; proceed with caution.

My Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays look like this: Wake up at 8:15, eat breakfast, take a shower, get dressed, drive to university and get there at about 10 (takes ~45 minutes). I've got class from 10-12 then I drive back so I get back at about 1. Then I do all the work I got that day or whatever, get done between 4 and 5 sometimes earlier if not much work. Then start to work on whatever track I'm working on at the moment with a break for dinner at 6 then I'm right back to it. From here I'll work on a track till 7-9:30 or so.

However if I start drinking some vodka, gin or whisky I usually end up listening to music instead of producing haha. My younger brother goes to bed at 9:30 on weekdays so once it hits 9:30 and I have to turn my monitors and subwoofer off that's usually it for me, can't stand working on my headphones. After that I usually go on some forums, watch tutorials or do whatever on the internet, maybe watch a movie or TV show and go to bed at 1-2.

On Fridays though my girlfriend comes over at like 3 after she gets out of school. She's in grad school going for her master's in teaching (already got Bachelor's in English) so she's interning at a local high school. So basically she goes to the high school full time 7:30 in the morning till 2:30 and subs for teachers, watches teachers or whatever they have her do. But after that she also has 3 classes a week at night at two universities that are like 45 minutes away as well as two online classes. So on day's besides Friday with school and then class she's out from 7:30 till 8 or 9 at night then has TONS of work to do, I couldn't do this program it's so intense lol. But yeah she comes over on Friday and we usually have some friends come over or some such. Luckily she loves drum and bass and old school dubstep so I share my tracks with her and stuff.

Tuesdays and Thursdays I get up at 10, eat, shower then either do work for class if I have any or work on a track till ~2 when I have to get ready to go to class that starts at 3:15. Then I'm at class from 3:15-~7:30 although I usually get out early, then come home and eat dinner. I usually don't do any work at this time since it's already kinda late and I'd rather do it during the days on M, W or F. Either work on a track, listen to music or whatever and go to bed by 12:30 to wake up at 8:15 the next day.

Then there's the weekends... my least favorite time of the week. I work at a clothing retail store on the weekends usually from 2-9:30 at night on Saturdays and 12-6:30 or so on Sundays, so that takes up most of the weekend and it's horrible. Gotta deal with tons of customers throwing clothes around and making a mess and cleaning it up or whatever, buncha cunts. Luckily don't really have work for class over the weekends so I might work on a track a bit but usually just hangout with my girlfriend and have some drinks.

But yeah now you know my life lol. As for kids I'm never having any, can't stand em for one. Besides the fact they take up all your time, money, energy, happiness and everything; all of this gets multiplied for each additional kid you have too lol. Plus if you have a few you're probably gonna have to get a bigger house, which means a larger mortgage and bam got no time or money left over for anything. But that's just me anyways, kids are for some people but not for me. As for going out, I go out for dinner or a movie or to hangout with friends sometimes but I haven't been to a proper show since the summer when I saw J:Kenzo (deep dubstep) in NYC. Kind of depressing, the US fucking blows when it comes to shows at least in my area. Hardly any good drum and bass or deep dubstep and if there is it's in NYC or Boston so it costs too much with the ticket price + train or gas to drive there, for poor college students at least. This country is covered in shit trap, brostep, house, trance and techno shows/clubs that I'd loathe going to.

But yeah I have a lot of time to produce, just wish I had some people that lived close by to collab with; would be nice. But HOLY FUCK I just typed a book anyone that reads this shit is fucking brave fuck oh lord jesus fuck there's a fire sweet jesus I need a cold pop.