Wandells birthday mix!


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ive had permission from artists for any unreleased content inside the ride!

any feedback is appreciated

Begin - Emperor
Groove Shadow - Xtrah
Black Heart - Frankee
Steam Train - Break
Forgiven - Ulterior Motive, Peta Oneir
Didgy - Survival
Warrior - Loadstar
Dat Riddim - Dez
Perfect World - Rene LaVice
NO! - Phace & Rockwell
Ginseng Smash - Stray
Scarecrow - Sub Focus
She Said - Emperor
Crossover - Shiver
Come Alive (Rockwell Remix) - Netsky
Always New ft. DRS - Break & Xtrah
Blueprint ft. Metropolis - Alix Perex
Floating Zero - Noisia & Phace
Time Tripping - DJ Hazard
Hard Noize - Dillinja
Lost Contact - Ulterior Motive
Back and Forth (Mako, DLR & Ant TC1 Remix) - Dabs & Safire
Distance - Memro
Music is Better - Break
Detroit - Rockwell
Taiko Death - Axon
Consumed (Hyroglifics Remix) - Facing Jinx
Cyrax (Break Remix) - Xtrah
Bring it Back - Optiv & CZA
Program - Noisia & Phace
Circadian Rhythm - Intracut
Transition - Survival, Octane & DLR
I Was 10 - Spectrasoul
Reckless - Incognito
Skull & Bones - Dabs
Seven - Octane & DLR
Set it Off - Friction & K-Tee
Fuck it Up - Hamilton
Swag - DC Breaks
Infectious Funk - Icicle
Horribly Ribbed VIP - Audio & Donny
Whiplash (Verb Remix) - Future Cut
1471 - Spirit
Block Control - Noisia
Dillirious - Artificial Intelligence
True Rmance - dBridge & Vegas
Searching (Break Remix) - Jinadu
Bad Red - Culture Shock
Chubrub - Ed Rush & Optical
Back To Your Roots (Friction & K-Tee Remix) - Jonny L

kisses xx
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Agent Smith

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Listening now man! Opening tune is absolute fire > then mixed on the double with the next tune...then the cheeky cutback - fire.

Will definitely leave some thoughts on this in a bit. (y)

Agent Smith

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Opening mix with Groove Shadow worked a fucking peach nothing else I really need to say on that Poonwell. The little cut back to when you double Begin and Black Heart is pretty naughty…need to get me Black Heart what a tune. The way Black Hearts steppiness worked with Steam Train was quite cool. Like how you utilised all the cut backs and breaks in Steam Train. Bass switches in the mix with Forgiven are pretty naughty as well Dan, letting the good bits of Steam Train work well with Forgiven. Forgiven reminds me of old Dillinja tunes everytime I hear it. Selection essential so far man. Didgy – one silly ridiculous tune for me, been a dub since I went to Outlook in 2012. Next mix into Warrior is pretty crazy. Not sure about the next mix into Dat Riddim, felt the highs of Warrior didn’t work well with it. It does however sound a difficult tune to mix. Dat Riddim is actually quite a cool tune when it cut to it on its own. Perfect World I can hear poking through for another double The mid ranges worked really well on this mix, the cut back to the “riddim” bits are swish too. Lots of energy so far. Another tune coming in already, Eurgh!!! Wtf! That’s some serious screwface drink flinging mix business. Have to say I’m not a massive fan of Ginseng Smash…& this mix with No! wasn’t really for me. Half expecting another double…here comes Scarecrow! Reckon maybe Scarecrow could have worked well with No! anyway we are moving again. Vocal snippets of Ginseng Smash poking over nicely in the mix. Scarecrow instantly reminds me of the 2 times I got to go to The End years ago before it closed. Old ram vibes are wicked. She Said already inna mix. What a double!! So far has been some quality mixing. Crossover adds a definitive steppy vibe to the mix. Really like it again and probably my favourite 3 tune section so far. Never heard Crossover before and its something that’s definitely tickling the tastebuds. Into the Rockwell remix to change the vibe up a bit. Always New is in and and it makes for a decidedly different mix to everything else in the last half hour or so. Blueprint makes this little 3 tune section seem MC orientated. Not a bad concept at all. Floating Zero and the mids of BluePrint work well together. Looking at the TL I can see we are about to move back into some absolutely stinkers. Like the split mix with Floating Zero didn’t expect it tbh. the half time breakdown is absolutely rotten on Blueprint. “Billy – you time tripping again?” EURGH WTF!!!! Getting rather strange looks from people at work as I start to bounce around. Something about Time Tripping just always gets me going. What a double. Next mix with Hard Noize is ok. Riddim still. Now I know the next mix is going to go off – done it myself a few times. Nice to have a change up from doubling constantly to a slower mix out of Time Tripping. URGH wicked mix. Someone turned around to me the other day and reckoned Lost Contact wasn’t even that good a tune? Mad I say. Back and Forth remix already worming its way in the mix. Cut back to the breakdown of First Contact and build it nicely back in for the double. The mid ranges of First Contact worked well behind Back and Forth remix. Felt it lost a little energy but still a cool blend. Like the fact you held the mix for longer than 32 bars then started working the bass switches. Cool! Eugh love the rolling mix with Distance. What a cool blend. Music is better is poking in for a double. Felt it took over the mix a bit but this is still wicked. Detroit next up. I still think the mix Matty Nuera did with Detroit and Cylon will be hard to better – but I really digged the mad rolling style of this mix with all the crazy cuts in the blend. Next mix into Taiko death is just awesome. Keeping with the rolling style. Love it. Cyrax remix with the Hyroglifics remix worked really well. Disappointed that never got cut to vinyl on the Lost Time EP. Nice split mix anyway. Your eqing work throughout has been swish. Bring it Back is here now building up and wtf!!! Program! Mad speed! Thought there was a tiny bit too much treble in that mix but fuck it. another split mix. Nice that you’ve changed up from continuous doubles.Touching on the hour mark now – and the tunes just keep on coming. Circadian Rhythm is gutter. What a mix. Ooooo transition! Haven’t heard this in a while mid ranges of C.R poke through nicely. You love a little cut to any breaks in the mix! Love the energy! I was 10 is in. and makes for a stinking blend. Reckless next and the tunes just keep on coming. loving this section been absolutely fire. Skull and Bones is in keeping this really steppy dark techy vibe going on. Seven is a percy great to hear it back in a mix. The vocals of Skull and Bones worked great in mix just poking through a touch. Set It Off is here not massively keen on that blend. Not mad keen on the next couple of tunes but great to hear infectious funk again. Still batter it. Can see we are getting to the business end of this mix. Infectious funks mid range works with Horribly Ribbed VIP in the mix. Next up Whiplash remix. And can kind of half tell that its going to be a ripper. Oh stop it Dan. What a mix. Still trying to find something that really fits with Whiplash remix myself. So here we go 1471 next. Are you crazy! Best 3 tune section so far! Total and utter destruction. Block control next? I’m going to need some sort of restraining order from jumping around at my desk too much. Wasn’t too sure on this mix when it finally came in…lost a lot of energy with the double. Dillirious works well with Block Control. Much better than the previous mix for me personally. Last few tunes to go. True Romance worked well with Dillirious. Mid ranges poked through well again. Searching break remix is a percy. Wicked little blend. Didn’t expect it to come in so quickly at all really caught me by surprise. Another split mix to keep the vibes changed up. Cheeky power off of True Romance and heres Bad Red! Another tune I haven’t heard in a while. Feel good vibes. Chubrub poking through to give the mix some menace. Funky ass mix Dan! The midranges are working so well together. Love the fact it was another split mix. Kept me on my toes. Last tune then. The vocal works over bad red. Like it Dan.

So all in all I really enjoyed this man. Thought initially it would be a series of doubles, but you changed up the style really well split mixes switches quick mixing etc, kept it varied throughout, playing a variety of different tunes, new, old, some I hadn’t heard before. Quality man! Certainly a go to man for an energetic mix. Big ups.


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Fucking hell stu you went in on that feedback! Thank you so much man! I doubt I'll be able to produce feedback as wordy as that with your mix but I'll give it a shot! Thanks again you G