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Early listens I thought some of the effects sounds jumped out of the mix a bit. Sub line and pads are magical. This is really good stuff, and I reserve the right to change my mind on those fx after future listens.
thanks guys, i dont do mastering though mate, just a tight mixdown. cause i use NI maschine i dont get any visual levels so i guess ive learnt to use my ears to mix instead of using the meters (even though you should i recon, i just dont have the setup to do it properly). thanks for the kind words though man.
its the first tune ive done with a new workflow using midi instead of audio or just jamming live of the maschine and i had a lot of fun actually sequencing but still getting my head around midi editing in logic.
awesome mate, I use maschine too =)
with the update to host plugins in maschine it has been turned in to almost a DAW.
and I think maschine is awesome, everyone of my tracks is also completely made in maschine with plugins like massive, guitar rig and fm8.
yeah same mate, ive only just got around to figuring out midi editing in logic, normally i record a jam cause im too lazy haha. All i want is a full sequencer from NI so i can only use maschine and some hardware bits through midi.. one day hopefully
really nice track, like the bass, the pads and the breaks are really nice...but not to sure about the the fx which the noise sound.. I first thought something was wrong with my monitors...but hey man its a great track..
Cool track. Love the pads and the movement in the sounds. Glitch sort of got an aphex twin feel.
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