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Hi people,

I am 39 next month going on 21 again. Got into the illegal house parties late 1987 to late 1989 then heaverly in to the rave scene duing the 1990 to 1994 travelling all around europe and getting into strife to pay for it all.
Met a wonderful girl shazza got married had 5 kids (2 sets of unidentical twins) and then a Daughter and them 6 souls are my life !!! and we got a mortgage :shit_happ now the pair of us are trying to rebuild our collection of the days us old skool seeded the way.
Someone from back to the old school forum was really kind to rip me a copy of their adamski liveanDirect album and it still gets my heart and head rocking. I thought I had lost the album for good after my beloved children got hold of the original cassette and disscovered that all the tape comes out the top.

Anyway people people dont change that much so rock on people good work keeping the faith alive......

If I appear to start leeching please have a word in my ear as I have misplaced most of our set tapes even the ones that Carl Cox gave me when he gave me a lift home from hastings in 1990 :grrrrr:

Nice to meet u all....
PMSL by the way my friends call me B.N short for badnews!!! I will let u work out how i picked up that nick.

A small request as it goes if u dont mind? I would love to regain a set that had, Never get out of the boat "unless your gonna go all the way" and Dark side of the moon in it l. I am not entirely sure that was what the track was called but im sure someone will know what the hell im bunnying on about........

Thanks good people catch u on the flip side !
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