DnB W3st- Disco Panic! (Bee Gees- Staying Alive (W3st Remix))

nice idea for the vocals, although as a prefrence i think it would be better if you cut it up more and used less of the song (if u get what i mean)

also drums could be a bit harder
thanks for the input, I will be making those drums harder and cutting up the track more. I definitely would have to call it a remix if i used more of the vocals...

Well, I just had to check this out! :lol:

I actually really liked it! Works really well :) The drums are sounding ok to me but I have been working on a tune all day and its late so my ears may not be doing their job properly...

Cool though dude!
word, maximized the drums out channel so it sounds thicker now. Thanks for the input guys, ill have the final versions mastered and out after my finals week is over. Shit sucks...
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