DnB W.I.P help appreciated (collab poss)


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Feb 8, 2002
you know it might be interestin to look at your file! what FLP versión are you in and what plugs are involvred in this tune though? thats where this idea usually fails. i know FLP is retro compatible so at least that wont be an issue, but the plugs definitely can be unless of course youre only using strock plugs and/or freeware, as you can export the entire Project into a zip incrulding plugs and all.

i say drop the amen around 2:36 instead, and yes, a dillinja type 808 stab could be workrf into the bassline, like say replace the snare with the 808 here and there perhaps. and i relaly liked the original detuning of the bass, did you remove that, or is that not as audible becuase you EQd it? either way, bring that back.

but yeah, id really like to have a look at the file, whats the specs? id like to change the amen too, something ruder


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Jun 29, 2009
Chichester UK
Using FL12 all stock plugs.
Bass is just a sample from bladerunners pack, it was a loop I just chopped a segment off then made it crossfade (loop) so it tailed longer.
Had a crap nights sleep so when my heads together I'll find a way of sending the FLP.
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