VVAA - Iberian Beats Vol. 2 [DIGIPOT29]

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    Various Artists - Iberian Beats Vol.2 [DIGIPOT29]
    Format: 4x Digital Download
    Release Date: 15/09/2011

    We're back with some more of the finest beats the peninsula has to offer and there's something for (nearly) everyone in this release.

    Tamen & Alien Kid Kid provide edgy atmospherics and smooth chopped up breaks with M.I.N.D.

    Strago does what he does best with "Visions", intricate drums and driving sub bass pressure.

    The other 2 tunes are on a more techy vibe...

    Impak brings the sound of tomorrow with "Perfect storm", definitely one for the "neuro" heads!

    EK50, on the other hand, takes us back in time, "The enemy" is a "turn of the millenium" style techstep workout...

    no doubt something Trace and Bad Company would have played back then!

    Check out the clips on Soundcloud

    and if you like what you hear, you can grab the tunes from most digital outlets including:




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