VV.AA. The Melting Pot Chronicles Pt.1 [DIGIPOT38]

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    The Melting Pot Chronicles Part 1 [DIGIPOT38]
    Various Artists
    Release Date: 13/08/2012
    Format: 12x Digital Download

    Melting Pot Records has been going since 2005.
    Since then we have constantly strived to release some of the freshest music from confirmed artists
    aswell as upcoming talent on our main label and different offshoots.

    The Melting Pot Chronicles Part 1 is a retrospective of some of the tunes that have shaped the sound of our imprint.

    A chance to rediscover forgotten gems for some or the occasion
    to catch up on some timeless neurofunk for those who missed out first time round.

    Checkout the clips in our Soundcloud

    If u dig it, get it at:




    Melting Pot Crew

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