VTech's "KINGPIN"- Beatport Exclusive- 10th of July!!!


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http://www.wrekedrecords.com & http://www.killinc.co.uk present:

Kill Inc Drum and Bass is proud to present Vtech's "Kingpin", a Two-track release from the Kingpin himself, with two perfectly complimentary tracks- "Kingpin" and "Why Did You Disappear". Available as a Beatport exclusive beginning the 10th of July!

This monster drum and bass release will make your ears beg for more with stunning basslines, smooth rolling vocals, and sweet sweet promo prices!

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About the Kill Inc:

Kill Inc Drum and Bass (Also referenced as The Kill, KINC, Kill Inc, and the mainframe for the glory of Vtech, Reaxion, Reanix, M25, The Mainline Project, Studio Secrets, and more...) is a New York/London based label that was formed as a subsidiary of Wreked Records Global- specifically to release the highest quality Drum and Bass that could be located from around the globe! Our releases are pumped out on Bassdrive radio with heavy rotation, and Vtech representing the Kill has spun with the best of them- most recently Black Sun Empire in Finland (http://entropy.fi/rave/laskeuma/laskeuma.html).

Releases forthcoming from Vtech, Reaxion, The Mainline Project, Studio Secrets, M25, and Reanix- big ups all representing D&B around the globe!


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http://www.killinc.co.uk :Kill Inc Drum and Bass Official Website - SHOP EM HERE!

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