VST Plug ins to Logic


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Mar 2, 2009
Hi does any one know if there is a program that can transfer vst plugins to av so they could be used with logic ?
no, logic uses a proprietrty plugin system, called audio units. These are apples alternative to VST's. You must check to see if there is a Logic Audio Unit availalble of the synth you are after. I know that most of the popular synth makers have vst and audio unit flavours of there synths.
Does the program have to be installed on your computer when your using the plugin or is it just a conversion tool ?
safe guys
FXPansion makes a program called VST to AU Adapter for Mav OS X. Not the most stable of units but a decent hand for those of you who are tired of changing between OS just to keep in use those old windows VST's. Seems to work ok on my system using Logic Pro, is very tough on resource however.
Mac needs to get with the VSTs already. Im sure by the next new animal Mac releases will come equipped with the ability to share plugins.
That is my dream at least.

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